St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center

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part 1: we want to hear your story to get all the details in order to overcome the problem you're working on

Part 2: Our trained specialists will do an 84-point measurement assessment of your posture to understand your body

Part 3: a treatment consists of hands-on therapy, movement therapy, exercise, and other modalities that may be used to address your specific issue

Part 4: We track your progress with every visit and dedicate ourselves to helping you stand your best, feel your best, and move your best! 

We specialize in treating: 

Neck, head, and jaw pain

shoulder, arm, and hand pain

chest pain

Upper, Middle, And lower back pain


organ dysfunction & pain

Hip, Thigh, knee, and foot pain

Meet the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Team! 

IT IS YOUR TIME TO become pain free

Founder of Neurosomatic Therapy 

Randy Clark 

Founder of Neurosomatic Therapy

Paul St. John 

Founder of Neurosomatic Therapy 

Kevin Wade 

Certified Neurosomatic Specialist 

Brunella Lucchi

Certified Neurosomatic Specialist

Kelly dobson

Certified Neurosomatic Specialist

Heather Longoria

Certified Neurosomatic Specialist

frank mazzella

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