What to Expect On Your First Visit

Like most manual therapies, your first visit will begin with an interview carefully structured to discover the history of your health issues and your goals for treatment. We will look at any MRIs, CAT scans or other tests previously performed and what treatments you’ve already tried. What makes Neurosomatic Therapy different from other manual therapies, is the focus on measurement as a basis for all treatments. We will complete posture and movement analysis that will help determine where your issues lie. A tentative treatment plan will then be implemented for 1-2 sessions to see how you respond. After the second visit a full treatment plan will be constructed.

What to Expect Throughout Your Treatment

Your treatment plan will take into consideration your medical history and goals to create a holistic regimen to help you reach those goals. Plans are an average of 8-10 treatments over the course of several weeks or months. In addition to manual manipulation of key trigger zones, you’ll learn stretching and relaxation techniques to help speed your recovery and prevent further injury. If it is deemed necessary, you may be referred to the Center for Exercise Science and Performance, where you'll get personalized coaching on exercises to restore and maintain functionality in your trouble zones.

Call Today to Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Friendly staff is waiting to answer all your questions about how Neurosomatic Therapy will relieve your pain once and for all. Call 727-347-HEAL(4325) to schedule your first appointment. Or, contact us with additional questions you may have.