Neurosomatic Therapy and Insurance

Neurosomatic Therapy is typically treated as Manual Therapy by insurance companies. This means that the treatments are not usually covered under a regular insurance plan. However, some companies allow you to use a flexible spending account or health savings account to pay for Massage Therapy treatments. Most insurers require a referral from your regular physician before using either of these methods of payment. Contact your insurance company for requirements specific to your policy.

Accepting Worker’s Compensation Insurance

The St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center does accept worker’s compensation insurance. If you are planning to file for Worker’s Comp Insurance Coverage, you need the following information/documentation prior to being seen at the clinic:

A Prescription from Your Doctor

The prescription must:

  • Be written for "Manual Therapy".

  • Contain diagnosis codes for the area’s we need to treat.

  • Contain the duration and frequency of visits i.e. 2 times a week for 6 weeks.

  • Show the physician’s NPI number.

During Your First Appointment

You will need to fill out:

  • Intake sheet.

  • Specific form for auto or work comp case.

  • Assignment of benefit form.

  • Attorney letter of protection form.

  • Standard disclosure form.

These forms MUST be completed before the patient leaves the office on the first visit and signed in BLUE INK.

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