Paul St. John – LMT, CINT #3093

Paul St. John has more than 30 years of experience and research in Radiological Technology, Massage Therapy, and pain mechanisms. While suffering from chronic pain that was the result of several injuries, Paul went in search of a methodology to finally relieve his pain. Through this search, he has become a thought-leader in pain treatment.

In 2005, Paul launched his latest innovation in manual medicine, Neurosomatic Therapy (NST). Neurosomatic Therapy is a structurally integrative approach to pain relief. Through Neurosomatic Educators and The Center for Neurosomatic Studies, and international speaking engagements, Paul teaches the benefits of these innovative techniques.

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Randall W. Clark B.S. – LMT, CINT #32969

Randall Clark has a background in Biology, Biochemistry, and Massage Therapy. As a pre-med student, Randall realized the limitations to traditional pain treatment and began searching for alternatives that fulfilled his desire to heal through a whole body approach. During the years spent studying and practicing NST, Randy became recognized as a leader in therapy and began teaching the subject in seminars.

In July of 2004, Randall Clark founded the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center where he and Paul St. John currently serve the needs of an international clientele. Randall is a principle instructor at both Neurosomatic Educators and The Center for Neurosomatic Studies.

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Kevin Wade – LMT, CNST, #MA 54985

Kevin Wade discovered a love of massage therapy while studying acting. Later, while being treated by a certified Neurosomatic Therapist, Kevin decided to study NST. His career began with several successful positions as a massage therapist followed by training seminars in NST. Having found inspiration from the opportunity to learn directly from Paul St. John, Kevin achieved his certification in Neurosomatic Therapy.

Kevin is now a senior instructor with Neurosomatic Educators and is excited to take NST education to the next level at the Center for Neurosomatic Studies.

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Brunella Lucchi – LMT, CNMT #34900

Born and raised in Italy, Brunella Lucchi received a humanistic education in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Bologna. In 1991 Brunella’s quest for knowledge drove her to leave her home and family in Italy and embark on an exploration of other cultures and perspectives. Her desire to be able to help those in pain and discomfort directed her to the study of the Healing Arts.

In 1994 she graduated from The Swedish Institute of New York City with her license in Massage Therapy. While continuing her education in this type of therapy, Brunella studied different modalities including Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Massage and Reiki to develop a higher level of expertise. With each modality that she practiced, Brunella focused in on how to approach and treat chronic pain and dysfunction. St. John’s method of Neuromuscular Therapy gave her the answer she sought.

In 1995 she started her training in Neuromuscular Therapy offered by Paul St. John. Having completed the entire seminar series, Brunella enjoyed a very successful practice in New York City. At Paul St. John’s invitation, she moved to Florida in 2002 and joined Paul’s staff as a therapist and a Teaching Assistant.

A committed therapist, Brunella has also participated in a week long Human Dissection seminar taught by Todd Garcia from “Somanautics Workshops, Inc.” and most recently she completed training in Lymphatic Drainage in Italy. She is a world traveler, an avid diver and enjoys sailing in our local waters.

Shila Tirabassi – LMT, CNS #MA 75615

Shila Tirabassi, a native of St. Petersburg, Florida received her BFA from The Juilliard School in New York City. Upon graduation she spent 12 years dancing professionally with Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and Stephen Petronio to name a few. It was during this physically demanding time that she was exposed to many different forms of bodywork worldwide. To supplement her income as an artist, Shila taught yoga and pilates in various studios in New York City during which time she continued her studies in Prenatal Fitness and Restorative Yoga. Her interest in the healing arts led her to do a Thai Yoga Bodywork training. Not fully convinced of its efficacy in treating pain, Shila toyed with the idea of becoming a Physical Therapist as a second career. Instead, circumstances brought her back home to Florida where she owned and operated a small yoga and pilates studio for two years. Knowing she had a leg length inequality, Shila caught wind of Paul St. John and Neurosomatic Therapy and it was during her very first appointment she was instantly hooked. For the first time in 18 years she felt that someone could finally give her answers to all the imbalances present in her body! It was at that time the Center for Neurosomatic Studies emerged and she became a student of the first class. Shila graduated Valedictorian and is the first among three to bear the title Neurosomatic Specialist. During her coursework at CNS Shila became a Personal Trainer certified by the National Institute of Sports Medicine. She continues to teach yoga and pilates privately and is part of the training faculty in Anatomy and Injury Prevention at Yoga Etc. Studio in St. Petersburg, FL. Shila is honored to be a part of the St. John – Clark Pain Treatment Center and feels this path was her absolute destiny.


Ken Abrahamson – LMT, CNS, CRT #MA 75616

Pathways in life are not always clear but becoming a Certified Neurosomatic Specialist was just that for Ken. Having been involved in several vehicular accidents, sports injuries, and working in the construction industry, his body was in both an acute and chronic mode of pain and dysfunction. Since the latter 1970's, he sought relief through many traditional and alternative therapies. Elective surgery was not an option for Ken. After finding and becoming acquainted with neurosomatic therapy through the St. John-Clark method, his body began to unwind and decompress to start the healing process from within. The functional benefits he received and continues to receive from this method of treatment enhances his quality of life. Simple, basic, functional, yet so powerful. No more medication and no more pain pills. Corrective exercise, functional nutrition, proper hydration, and restoring the essence of a balanced posture was essential. Through this, Ken developed an earnest desire to learn and share these methods with others. Ken's study and certification through the Center for Neurosomatic Studies engendered a greater appreciation of this human masterpiece. Even in dysfunction, the body works to right itself. Ken is truly a student who continues to hone his skills as a neurosomatic therapist.

Ken's continued studies and certifications bring additional depth to his understanding of us. His specialization of methods include: cranial release - release of the dura in the central nervous system that allow the primary respiratory mechanism to function; the enhancement of the circulatory system at the level of nutrient, oxygen, and disposal exchange; the modulation of neural communicating pathways in the peripheral nervous system to accommodate neuro-endocrine performance; liberating muscle tissue adhesions by resonance and tonic reflex thereby relaxing muscle tissue spasm; the release of fascial adhesion in planes and trains (the connective tissue from head to toe) including cellulite infiltration to fee intra and inter structural movement; and the use of tools that impart life-giving energetic qualities into the tissue. Ken looks at the body not only as individual parts but as an integrated system to be free to move and function. Ken is excited to be part of the St. John-Clark team and will honor its humble approach in addressing issues of the body and those who seek relief under his care in attempting to restore the body to a more functional and symmetrical form. Seek and ye shall find!

Frank Mazzella – LMT, #MA 78626

Frank Mazzella HeadshotFrank Mazzella II has been a resident of the Greater Tampa Bay Area for more than 33 years now and has spent the last 8 years in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Frank spent his entire medical field career in the biological and neuromuscular dental field for 7 year now and brings a wealth of structural dental knowledge to the team here at the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center. Coming from an exciting background in the dental field, it was made evident early in his dental career that the dental cavity has an important structural effect on the rest of the body. The thought that the oral cavity could have such an effect on an individual’s health really empowered Frank to learn more so Frank spent the next two years traveling from Florida to the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute in Nevada. LVI is a leader in training dental teams the neuromuscular approach to dental rehabilitation through innovative techniques with advanced computerized technologies. Having been trained by the world’s greatest neuromuscular dentists and master laboratory dental technicians in the world, Frank helped his patient’s obtain a bite relationship that was optimally suited to the individual’s unique arrangement of their cranial structures, their nervous system, and their immediate muscular system from their shoulders up.
Considering himself extremely knowledgeable and proficient with handling mandibular disorders like TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), Frank helped his dental patients get back on to a path of wellbeing by reducing muscular spasms that were attributing to this broad, debilitating condition. While witnessing many of the Neuromuscular dental practice patients achieve remarkable results through their dental corrections, a link was often broken in their postural chain and this discrepancy was not enabling the patients to truly achieve their desired outcomes; becoming pain free. Knowing that Frank wanted to expand his skill sets and that he wanted to help a larger base other than just dental patients, Frank went on a mission to find an institute that could fulfill his purpose and that is when Frank found the Center for Neurosomatic Studies and enrolled right away. Throughout his studies, postural abnormalities became a significant part of the patient assessment, allowing Frank to truly reveal to his patient’s that the source of their pain may not be at the source of their discomforts, but from the surrounding regions. Priding himself on his educational and past medical career experiences, Frank is committed to providing the highest level of care that the patients of SJCPTC deserve. Not one to fall short on his own fair share of injuries, Frank too has experienced great results from the NST treatments that were provided by the team members of St. John-Pain Treatment Center and is extremely grateful to be a part of this team.

Megan Moore – LMT, #MA 81512

Searching relentlessly across the globe to find the source of her own maladies, Megan has a unique understanding of the disease process and lasting effects on structure. The past ten years Megan has delved into nutritional and gastrointestinal applications, and enrolled in our school specifically to learn organ massage. Graduating at the top of her class, Megan takes a broad perspective on thoracic pain and symptoms associated with irritable bowel.





Alta Schwab - LMT, CNS #MA 83435

Alta Schwab discovered Neurosomatic Therapy while searching for alternative treatments to deal with the symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease; she took ill and was forced to drop out of college in order to seek out a cure. During the course of treatment she found that massage was a particularly helpful treatment for dealing with the day-to-day symptoms of her disease the side effects of the other treatments that were helping to rid her body of the infection that had overtaken. Due to her experiences with chronic disease she has a unique perspective on dealing with chronic illnesses in others, particularly those resulting in fatigue, headaches, and respiratory difficulties.

Alta decided to change career paths and chose to attend the Center for Neurosomatic Studies while recovering from her illness in order to assist others in finding the symptom relief and healing that she did. She graduated CNS with excellent grades and earned the Grand Prize “Gold Award” for her entry in the Student Case Report Contest through the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Before taking ill Alta was studying Vocal Performance at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN under RubyAnn Poulson; she also studied musical theatre in NYC under Sherri Anderson. While studying performance it became clear how strongly muscular tension in any part of the body can negatively affecting the quality and tone of the singing voice as well as the ability to project and easily produce sound. She found that the NST protocols for TMJ in particular have a very positive effect on vocal production. She is excited to be a part of the team at St. John – Clark Pain Treatment Center and is looking forward to a career of helping people to feel better.

Daniel Vidal - LMT, CNS #MA 85357

Daniel Vidal  spent several years working in journalism and inside sales after graduating from Temple University with a BA in Film and Media Arts. An internet search for solutions to his chronic back issues led him to Neurosomatic Therapy. Drawn to the systematic yet holistic approach of NST, he quit his debilitating desk job in the summer of 2015 and moved from Philadelphia to the Tampa Bay area to study with Randall Clark, Kevin Wade, and Paul St. John. Dan graduated from the Center for Neurosomatic Studies with a 4.0 average and has had great success working with children diagnosed with autism. Realizing the need for early - implemented preventative therapy, Dan plans to develop a practice as a Pediatric Neurosomatic Specialist in the near future.



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