History & Influences of Neurosomatic Therapy

In response to a void in traditional health care where too many pain symptoms have no known cause, Neurosomatic Therapy addresses the underlying causes of pain. NST combines Massage Therapy, Posturology, and Corrective Exercise to study the relationship between the soft tissues, skeletal system and the nervous system in the body. NST founder Paul St. John has discovered a way to bring lasting pain relief to patients. All of the techniques used in NST are non-surgical, non-invasive, and non-chiropractic. The techniques are centered around balancing the body structurally by addressing the largest of the body's systems, the muscular system.

Real Pain Relief for Thousands of Patients

By restoring proper alignment and biomechanics in the body, NST alleviates pain and can positively affect a variety of physiological conditions. A distortion in the form often results in improper function of the body. For example, a slouching posture can cause digestive problems. When proper structure is restored to the body, the accompanying physiological problems are often alleviated. Physicians and patients agree that this form of therapy succeeds where other forms of rehabilitation and pain treatment fail.

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